Office Robot: Optimize All Resources

Office Robot (WinActor) is the original RPA ( Robotic Process Automation ) solution developed by NTT LABORATORIES in 2010.

Office Robot is a software robot which is capable of creating automated tasks by the input of customized scenarios. The scenarios here are the operations performed on all sort of Windows applications and programs, prominently Microsoft Office, Web Browsers, SAP, ERP and Enterprise Systems.


Office Robot can:
- Automate all routine tasks of human beings.
- Auto-connect with systems that can’t be connected via IF.
- Minimize human errors and improve efficiency.

Use cases in warehouse:
Automatically create Stock-out order in WMS from received Order in email.
- Periodically check max – min of  goods in WMS  to create PR automatically.
- Automatically link data between variety systems with SAP, ERP, WMS.
- Automaticall entry/get data to shipping system of agencies: sea, air…

Within a company:
- Accounting: Input invoice data into system, Copy data from system to auto-create report, Auto-create invoice.
- Purchasing: Auto-create PO based on Excel calculation, Input received data into system, Input e-invoice into ERP.
- HR: Summarize attendance data and import into payroll system, Summarize employee’s insurance-registering data, Input e-invoice into ERP.
- Production: Summarize and auto-input data from production line, Receive PO from Sales.
- IT: Transfer and connect data between systems, Data migration.
- Sales: Auto-receive order email and auto-input into the system.

Core features:
Highly scalable
Instant support​​

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